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Company Registration Documents (lost yours?) (need to register a Company?)

You need to be registered with the Compensation Fund – we will need your CF Registration Number

The annual fees payable at the Compensation Fund needs to be up to date & successfully submitted. In case your fees are not up to date, we will send you the information you need to settle your account with the Compensation Fund before we can continue with the Letter of Good standing. Note that if you have an outstanding fee, the COMPENSATION FUND will charge you these fees additional to the services that we offer.

Services available at the Compensation Fund of South Africa


COID Package (COID registration and Letter of Good Standing – Save R 690)
COID Registration only
Letter of Good Standing only
Tender Letter
Return of Earnings Submission & New Letter of Good Standing (Save R 490)
New Letter of Good Standing
Return of Earnings Submission
RMA Submissions
Payment arrangement for LOGS
Audit assistance (Deposit)
Consultant on call
Phone Number: 021 100 4238
Cellphone Number: 071 270 8726
Email Address: info@ubuntucompanyservices.co.za
Our Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Banking Details
Account Holder: Ubuntu Company Services
Bank Name: FNB
Account Number: 62547831471
Branch Code for FNB: 250655
Branch: Bellville Civic Centre
Payment Reference: Your Company Name

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